2004.08.16 17:29 "[Tiff] ICC profile in tiff file on windows", by Alexander Cohen

2004.08.16 20:36 "[Tiff] ICC profile in tiff file on windows", by Jim Schueckler


But im still getting some weird values out of it. Im just reading the tag data, and writting out directly to disk. ON mac, everything is fine. On windows, some tags are garbage, and this makes ICM crash when trying to read that profile.


Your code that parses TIFF tags and TIFF data types should not be messing with the ICC profile data. Code that works with ICC profiles that run on a Windows platform knows that all the ICC profile is big endian ( like an "MM" TIFF file ) and should do the proper byte swapping for shorts and longs inside the ICC profile code.

BUT: if you try to read a short or long from an ICC profile with Windows code, the bytes will be in the wrong order.

The moral of the story: you might be trying to do something that a Color Management System library should do for you.

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