2016.01.25 18:25 "[Tiff] OpenMP enabled libtiff", by Aaron Boxer

2016.01.26 19:29 "Re: [Tiff] OpenMP enabled libtiff", by Aaron Boxer

It's all a lot of work though because the code is not written with that in mind at all and the compressor can change when you move to a different IFD. As we only needed multithread reading in our project, what we did instead is use several TIFF handles on the same file. This works well enough for reading.

By the way, since libtiff uses memory mapped files as default, using multiple handles isn't that bad, because the handles will all access the same memory mapping, at least on unices.

On windows, this is turned off. Perhaps it would be a good idea to enable sharing

on windows. It just involves generating a unique string without back slashes, for

each file name.