2015.10.27 12:22 "[Tiff] I want to write huge scaled image to TIFF format", by Taiming Jin

2015.10.27 13:42 "Re: [Tiff] I want to write huge scaled image to TIFF format", by Bob Friesenhahn

Hello everyone!

I have a image which sized "65000*40000".

This is not image, just be image data, just like 24bit bitmap format.

I want to convert this file to TIFF.

I just used TIFFWriteEncodedStrip() function to compress data, but the size of result tiff image is half of the original image's size.If we use Adobe Photoshop to save as TIFF file, the size can be 1/8 of original, but my... How can I do? the way of Tile? I don't know this way and how can i use this function.  use

Using tiles won't necessarily make the output file smaller, although it may make random access to regions of the image easier. If you use JPEG compression then the size could be 1/8 of the original, especially if you use YCbCr encoding.

What compression settings did you use?

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