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April 2012

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2012.04.17 17:08 "enhancement to tiff2ps", by <>
2012.04.17 23:29 "Re: enhancement to tiff2ps", by Lee Howard
2012.04.18 04:46 "Re: enhancement to tiff2ps", by <>

2012.04.17 17:08 "enhancement to tiff2ps", by <>


would a patch to tiff2ps modifying the output postscript code to read the 
raster data as one image be welcome?

The current beviour of tiff2ps with level 2 output is to write a postscript 
file that reads each strip of the input tiff as a 'subimage'. This results in 
rows of images in the output, which was 'inconvenient' for our further 

I wrote a patch vs. version 3.9.6 modifying the output to read the data with 
just one image operation. With the patch tiff2ps behaves as before until a -B 
switch is used.

I would be glad to contribute and send the patch for inspection by somebody 
more into libtiff than me.

kind regards