2001.08.28 08:20 "unhandled exception while trying to open a tiff file", by Seydou Wane

2001.10.11 09:03 "Re: Access violation", by Seydou Wane


I am the one who wrote the first mail below. To avoid the problem, this is what I did:

  if (fix == tif->tif_nfields ||
      tif->tif_fieldinfo[fix]->field_tag != dp->tdir_tag) {
       "unknown field with tag %d (0x%x) ignored",
       dp->tdir_tag,  dp->tdir_tag);
   dp->tdir_tag = IGNORE;
   fix = 0;   /* restart search */

By debugging my code I found that the error was due to that instruction.

Hope this will help, and hope that you have the code source too. If not, you may download it.

If the problem remains, I could send you my "new" libtiff.lib.

Does someone know a better solution?

Best regards.

Seydou Wane.