2002.11.26 19:57 "Portability question.", by Vernon Woodward

2002.11.26 20:23 "Re: Portability question.", by Chris 'Xenon' Hanson

Downloaded and built the libtiff and libgeotiff libraries on a PC-win2k box and a Sun. I can read and write tiffs on the PC, but when I FTP the TIFFs made on the PC to the SUN and run the same code it seems to think there are thousands of pixel scale values (there are 3).

Question, can both libraries read either endian (big/little) images?

Shouldn't be a problem. The library automagically handles this.

I'm digging into the code, but it this is known upfront it might chase off the wild geese!

I'd suspect TIFF corruption first. Did you ZIP the TIFFs during FTP? If so, they'll either unzip intact or report file corruption.

LIBTIFF and LIBGEOTIFF are the single greatest timesaving tools for people writing GIS imagery software. Thanks to everyone responsible for both.

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