2001.08.20 16:17 "compressed tiffs", by Leslie Friesen

2001.08.20 16:17 "compressed tiffs", by Leslie Friesen

Hi, folks,

I have joined this list briefly to try and find a quick answer...please forgive my ignorance if this is a really simple question to you all.

I've been asked to create a compressed tiff out of color photo jpg's. I know how to make a regular tiff, but these need to be compressed tiff's. When I look at my imaging programs, it looks like Class 4 tiff's are compressed, but this format is supposed to be used for black and white fax images??? I've scoured the web looking for something on compressed color tiff's with no luck. So I am coming to you--who I hope are the experts!!!!

I'm beginning to think that the examples they gave me were resized first as jpg's, and then converted to tiff's. Is there another way to do it??? I have PSP 7, Fireworks 4, ACDC and Wang Imaging at my disposal.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate your help.

Leslie Friesen
Polk County Information Systems