2002.03.29 13:59 "Appending text to TIFF", by Gary Weimer

2002.03.29 16:02 "RE: Appending text to TIFF", by Sam Gilcrist

I am new to TIFFs and to C++ so forgive any errors. Additionally flaming would be a complete waste of time, since I already know I do not know everything; however,

A peer named Andy McGovern [andy@virtualgeographics.com] posted a VC++ project with libtiff.org on June 29, 2001 that opens a TIFF file as a DIB and displays it in a window. It is very nice code... Once that heavy lifing is done, you simply overlay text using the TextOut command:

long hPrint // printer or window handle
long x // x position of text
long y // y position of text
char * string // lable to be overlayed

TextOut(hPrint, x,y,string,strlen(string))

Best of luck.