1999.10.21 21:41 "Bad TIFF or library problem?", by Kevin D. Quitt

1999.10.22 07:06 "Re: Bad TIFF or library problem?", by Klaus Bartz

Bad TIFF file

The file size is 25495 bytes. The date begins at offset 198 (StripOffsets) and shoud have a size of 25487 ( StripByteCounts ). But

25495 - 198 = 25297

That's the meaning of the error message; the scanline is -1 because no line is decoded at the throw time. It seems so, that the creator of this file has computed

data size := file size - begin of IFD

This is realy wrong. Other decoders as libtiff decodes until height is reached, or EOFB is found or file is at end, or the given StripByteCount is reached, or... libtiff assumes, that a file is corrupted if it is shorter than announced.

Live will be so easy if all encoders creates files which are TIFF Rev. 6.0 conform...


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