2002.01.16 11:07 "How to interpret 16-bit GrayScale image?", by Bad Badtz

2002.01.21 03:06 "RE: How to interpret 16-bit GrayScale image?", by Bad Badtz


Thanks Paul and Marti Maria for responding to my previous email.

>From ur replies, can I say that TIFF does support both unsigned 16-bit RGB and grayscale images?

The problem i encountered now is that I need to construct a HBitmap using the grayscale image data, but instead of getting a grayscale image, I am always getting a colored image. It seems that once the number of bits per pixel is more than 8, it assumes that it is a RGB image. Therefore, instead of using each image data as an index to the color table (i have constructed the color table with size 65536), each individual value is taken as a RGB value.

Does anyone have a solution to my problem? Would converting the unsigned 16-bit grayscale image to a RGB image works?

Please help! Thanks!!!