2002.11.14 00:13 "Multi-page tiff vs. acrobat writer", by Chris Losinger

2002.11.14 16:42 "RE: Multi-page tiff vs. acrobat writer", by Chris Losinger

How did the TIFF get converted to PDF? Acrobat PDF Writer is only a print driver;

I guess Adobe Acrobat is the offending software here.

if you only convert one page of the multi-page TIFF, then Acrobat Reader only has a single page to view.

they are trying to convert all pages of a multi-page TIFF.

the problem is that Acrobat only shows the first page (all other pages appear blank). certainly this could be an Acrobat issue, but i want to at least verify that there are no known issues with LibTiff and Acrobat, and that my prodecure for writing multi-page TIFFs is correct.


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