2001.06.21 22:07 "AIX DSO support", by John Marquart

2001.06.22 21:22 "Re: AIX DSO support (fwd)", by Frank Warmerdam

I am unsure if this was posted yesterday due to problems getting my list membership confirmed. I wanted to respond to my own question w/ a solution.

By modifying the "configure" script - I was able to build the tools such that they no longer looked for "../libtiff/libtiff.a" but instead searched the LIBPATH. here follows the patch necessary. I would appreciate it if the maintainers could verify/add it to the CVS repository - so that future ppl like me don't get bitten. Also many thanks for fixing (in 3.5.7-alpha?) the problem w/ int8, int16, int32 being redefined by tiff.h - it is greatly appreciated.


I have applied the AIX DSO fixes to configure and committed to CVS. I would appreciate it if you could verify correct operation of configure as now found in CVS.

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