2002.01.20 06:25 "TIFF files from Photoshop 6", by Jeffrey McArthur

2002.01.20 06:25 "TIFF files from Photoshop 6", by Jeffrey McArthur

If you run PDFTeX, which uses the libtiff library, and try and include a TIFF file generated by Photoshop 6 you get a pop-up dialog:

"Unknown field with tag 37724 (0x935c) ignored"

I did a little research, and found the following information:

>Photoshop 6.0 uses 4 more tags that are not defined in the TIFF v6
>specification. They are: tSubIFD (330), tJPEGTables (347), tImageSourceData
>(37724), and tAnnotations (50255). tSubIFD is documented in the TIFFPM6.
>pdf file as a PageMaker extension. tAnnotations are discussed earlier in
>this chapter, the TIFF tag does not include the first 12 bytes of the
>Annotation. The details for the remaining tags are in the tables at the end
>of this section.
>tImageSourceData is a null-terminated string identifying the type of data in
>the tag followed by the data for the tag. See the tagged resources found
>earlier in this document.

That description is found on page 42 of Adobe Photoshop 6.0 File Format Specification which was found at:


The tag is not part of the TIFF v6 spec, but it is documented by Adobe. How do I go about getting someone to change the TIFF libraries so that this no longer generates a warning dialog?

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