1999.12.17 11:29 "TIFF previews in EPS files", by Flemming Bengtsson

1999.12.17 14:55 "Re: TIFF previews in EPS files", by Bjorn Brox

Using Libtiff 3.5.3 on a PowerMac G4.

Does anyone know how to read TIFF previews in EPS files?

You will find the documentation in binary EPS files on the net.

It have a header with 4-byte (Little endian) values:
    magic (0xC5D0D3C6)

i.e, at byte position 20 you will find the position in the file where the TIFF image file starts, and the size of it is at byte position 24

This should be enough to be able to access the TIFF.

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