2002.02.01 01:20 "tiff (libtiff)", by spin soft

2002.02.01 17:09 "Re: tiff (libtiff)", by R. P. Channing Rodgers, M.D.

A slightly diferent point of view here. On UNIX boxes, the xv tool (GUI-based) and the netpbm package (command-line filters) are probably the easiest tools to install and use; I've never fully understood the enthusiasm for ImageMagick,

Interesting comment, considering that what I have installed is also netpbm and xv (but I only use xv as a viewer). However, AFAIK neither of these are being actively maintained/developed, so I recommended stuff that's more likely to get fixed if someone has a problem with it...

Good point, though both xv and netpbm are in wide use, and *would* get maintenance if they actually needed it. I suspect the major reason they aren't being actively maintained is that they are incredibly solid and stable, and haven't needed it.

A point more relevant to the immediate issue is that netpbm is pretty lame as a TIFF converter, because of its narrow ideas about pixel types (no 16-bit support, no CMYK, at least in released versions) and its complete disregard for ancillary data. I don't actually know whether ImageMagick can do better, not having experimented with it in some time. Comments anyone?

Yes, this is an important issue. I'm no tiff expert. However, there are libtiff-dependent extension tools to netpbm out there I'm fairly sure. What I *am* certain of is that ImageMagick can be a major pain to install (at least under Solaris 2.X). I'm not certain that we've *ever* gotten the package to work fully as advertised.

Cheerio, Rick Rodgers