2002.02.01 01:20 "tiff (libtiff)", by spin soft

2002.02.01 19:56 "Re: tiff (libtiff)", by Bob Friesenhahn

A point more relevant to the immediate issue is that netpbm is pretty lame as a TIFF converter, because of its narrow ideas about pixel types (no 16-bit support, no CMYK, at least in released versions) and its complete disregard for ancillary data. I don't actually know whether ImageMagick can do better, not having experimented with it in some time. Comments anyone?

ImageMagick can do a lot better. It does have 16-bit support, supports CMYK, CMS, and supports some metadata types.

ImageMagick is more complicated to install under Unix than netbpm and xv because it depends on libraries installed seperately from ImageMagick. Netpbm doesn't use any extra libraries, and xv includes its own copies of the JPEG library.

Bob Friesenhahn