2001.11.05 14:19 "RE: libtiff on HP_UX 10.20", by Kiran Chintanippu

2001.11.05 14:27 "RE: libtiff on HP_UX 10.20", by Dave Sopchak

does anybody have a compiled version( code warrior project) of LIBTIFF for MAC?

Good point. I tried to run the applescript for this on CW 6 and it didn't work. Also installed the libraries on Darwin 1.4 and was not able to compile stuff from the command line (I forget what the errors are). Kiran, I will try to read the applescript and see if I can manually build the compile for CW, although now that I'm using Project Builder as the dev environment for my TIFF viewer app I'll probably face the same problem again, but hey, that's part of the fun of software development, isn't it?


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