2001.07.18 13:50 "OJPEG Support", by Frank Warmerdam


Scott has provided me with an updated version of his OJPEG code that now supports files produced by the wang imaging stuff. Note that due to further complications, it is now necessary for those wanting to use OJPEG support to slightly patch their IJG libraries (adding an extra entry point required by the OJPEG hacks within tif_ojpeg.c). We realize this substantially complicates building OJPEG support but it seems hard to avoid. In my opinion, only those really concerned about OJPEG support should try and enable the OJPEG support.

Note that the OJPEG support isn't expected to always work. OJPEG format is not well defined, and so Scott has just done what he can to make the files he has seen work, but neither he nor I am offering to do alot of further patching to make this work with other files. As Tom Lane has warned us, OJPEG support is a tar pit, and we are not willing to jump it with no safety line! Given that caveat, we are interested in hearing about problems. They can be registered in Bugzilla.

The newest prerelease library with the OJPEG support is available at:


Look in contrib/ojpeg for details on how to patch the IJG libraries.

Note that there are a number of outstanding bugs in Bugzilla. If anyone is feeling keen, I could use some help resolving some of them. I am somewhat hesitant to go to beta with 3.5.7 until bugzilla is pretty much cleared of bugs. Look in bugzilla or contact me if you are interested in helping.

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