TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

2000.03.21 02:20 "posting to the TIFF list", by Kiriakos Georgiou

Hello all!

I'd like to remind you all that if you post to the list and you don't receive a copy of your mail back from the list, you are likely sending the email from a different originating email address than the one you are subscribed from. Unfortunately when this happens your posting is 'rejected' automatically - this is the price to pay for also rejecting SPAM directed to the list (and trust me, I see 2-3 SPAM emails directed to the list daily).

If you need to change the address you are subscribed from and you know what that address is, just send this one liner to

unsubscribe tiff

If you don't know the address, email (or and I'll fix it for you.