2000.03.29 01:50 "Duplicating tiff file", by Kin Wong

2000.03.29 18:18 "Re: Duplicating tiff file", by Rex Jolliff


Yes, I can recreate the header. I guess my concern is in line with Tom and Klaus's warning regarding unknown tiff tags, but in a different direction. I want the new file to be identical to the original tiff file with the exception that the pixel data has been filtered by my code. This way, I am not losing any information that may be encoded by the original application that created the file that I am processing. This way, I am preserving the originating application's tiff file format.

If you change the image data in any way, the likely case is that the resulting encoded data will not be exactly the same size as the original, so the tiff header will have to change. The best approach is to use the code in tiffcp to do the work.