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1999.10.23 01:26 "Re: LIBTIFF and OJPEG", by Niles Ritter

I'm trying to build libtiff so that it will support compression 6 (OJPEG), however I can't get it to worK

That's why OJPEG (Old JPEG) was abandoned. It doesn't work, even if you could successfully compile, link and run the code.

There is no good implementation of the flawed standard, and the ones that were attempted are all different and incompatible. There should be a sign over these TIFF files, saying, Beyond This Point There Lay Dragons.

Tom Lane, who suffered through the rescue mission for this ill-fated compression scheme, would have further gory detail of the entire sorry affair. See his TIFF Tech Note #2 on JPEG in TIFF. He earned his purple heart.

Can you tell me what I need to do to fix this problem?

I wish I could.

You may have to contact whoever wrote the original files and find out what variant of "TIFF 6 JPEG" they used. Incidentally, what software package *did* manufacture this terrible thing? It must be stopped at all costs.

I'm using jpeg-6b and tiff-v3.5.2.

I need OJPEG_SUPPORT in order to convert TIFF images that were made with this compression mode to PDF.

I will send you my most earnest prayers, that you find your way safely out of this nightmare. Someday, you will look back on this, laugh nervously, then change the subject. No good can come from it, I promise you. Just don't go there. Walk away while there is still time, or see if you can get yourself assigned to another more fruitful project.

--Niles (author of the Unofficial TIFF Web Page)