2000.03.29 01:50 "Duplicating tiff file", by Kin Wong

2000.03.29 17:57 "Re: Duplicating tiff file", by Kin Wong


Yes, I can recreate the header. I guess my concern is in line with Tom and Klaus's warning regarding unknown tiff tags, but in a different direction. I want the new file to be identical to the original tiff file with the exception that the pixel data has been filtered by my code. This way, I am not losing any information that may be encoded by the original application that created the file that I am processing. This way, I am preserving the originating application's tiff file format.

I will check out tiffcp.c. This sounds like it has what you all have suggested. If this doesn't work for me, then I guess I will just have to write the tiff file in my own format, however transient that may be.

Thanks for all your replies,

- Kin