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1999.10.26 16:51 "create TIFF file from raw (compressed) image data", by Kishan B. Shah

Dear TIFF library users,

I am trying to create a TIFF file from raw image data (CCITT G4 compression) and other information (height, width etc) that was extracted from a PDF file. I was able to create a TIFF file from *uncompressed* image (using tiff_write) data but I couldn't find similar method for uncompressed data. I could decompress and then use tiff_write. But I don't want to use low level code from the library, and it won't be efficient either (decompressing and then compressing again).

Am I missing something? Is there a function that will allow me to create a TIFF file (or buffer) from raw image data (CCITT G4)?

I will appreciate any leads. Thanks.