2001.10.29 08:45 "Converting to TIFF", by Lloyd Kauapundu

2001.10.30 01:43 "Re: Converting to TIFF", by Graeme Gill

I am new to the field of TIFF and I have a few questions. I am implementing a server that has to handle Documents. The server takes in documents send in PostScript-format or any other format and converts them to TIFF. My question is how to convert the documents in TIFF.

What you are after is a Postscipt RIP (Raster Image Processor). These are complicated pieces of software. If you are a very good programmer, with good graphics knowledge, then it might take about 3-5 Years to create one that works with most Postscript files out there :-)

If you are after a solution sooner than that, then you will need to licence a RIP from one of the RIP vendors, the best known being:

Adobe CPSI <http://www.adobe.com/>
JAWS <http://www.jawssystems.com/>
Harlequin <http://www.globalgraphics.com/software/harlequin_rip/index.html>
Ghostscript <http://www.artifex.com/>

If you are intending to use the RIP for non-commercial use, then the freely available version of Ghostscript would be your best choice: <http://www.cs.wisc.edu/%7Eghost/>

I don't know of any Postscript RIP implementations written in JAVA.

Graeme Gill.