2002.04.02 21:13 "RE: Monochrome Flag question", by Vernon Woodward

2002.04.02 21:30 "RE: Monochrome Flag question", by Dwight Kelly

Is there a tag I can set to distinguish between 3 band (24 bit) monochrome, where all three bands have equivalent pixels, and 3 band color (RGB)?

True RGB would use PHOTOMETRIC_RGB. Are you saying you have a file with PHOTOMETRIC_RGB but it really contains 3 monochrome channels? Or is the file PHOTOMETRIC_MINISWHITE/PHOTOMETRIC_MINISBLACK with SAMPLESPERPIXEL = 3?

For PHOTOMETRIC_RGB, SAMPLESPERPIXEL=3: I would guess that R, G, B samples would all be the same value (R=G=B).

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