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2001.07.05 15:26 "tiffsplit beyond 676 pages?", by George Rypysc
2001.07.06 05:31 "Re: tiffsplit beyond 676 pages?", by David Kelly

2001.07.05 15:26 "tiffsplit beyond 676 pages?", by George Rypysc

Does anyone know of a utility that can split a tiff image of 1,000+ pages into 2 or more parts? I have only a few tiffs that I need to split up because their size (>40MB) causes a real performance issue when viewing -- as you'd expect.

I tried tiffsplit but with the aa-zz naming scheme it's limited to 676 pages and Wang/Kodak Image viewer on WinNT/2000 seems to only allow single page deletions. I'm not a C programmer (did only very simple programs) but if anyone thinks it would be practical/possible to use the libtiff library and/or extend tiffsplit to support beyond 676 pages, open to ideas and willing to learn if I can find the time.

I'm using libtiff with Cygwin on Windows NT 4.0 at work


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