2002.11.20 05:39 "LibTiff Suggestion, orientation", by Chris Losinger

I think it would be nice if the orientation stuff in tif_getimage.c was either fully-functional or able to be disabled. as it stands now, everything that isn't top-left oriented gets read as bottom-left - even images which are "top-right" and "right-bottom" which are equally wrong being displayed with bottom-left orientation as they are being displayed top-left.

so, to fix this in my own version of LibTiff, i disable all of the orientation stuff in tif_getimage (by forcing everything to top-left). then, when i get the image from TIFFReadRGBAImage as stored, i flip and rotate as necessary in a post-processing step.

this works fine, but it gets to be a drag having to redo all my changes each time you guys add something new and cool to the current LibTiff.

anyway, just a suggestion. i'd be happy to share my code, but it's really not much more than a few "//" placed in the top level reading functions.


Chris Losinger
smallest@smalleranimals.com          http://www.smalleranimals.com