2000.12.15 09:50 "Stripes in thumbnail", by Christian Bednarek

2000.12.17 22:12 "Re: Stripes in thumbnail", by Peter Skarpetis

I'm trying to create a (rgb-)thumbnail out of up to four single separated G4-TIFFs. But creating a thumbnail from these G4s ends up in a grayscale with vertical stripes. An example is here:


Can I do smth. about that?

Maybe you can even provide me with a snippet of code for composing four singe grayscale into a cmyk-tiff? (well... sitting in front of TIFF6.0 at the moment :)


what you need to do is some sort of descreening to avoid the moires you are getting, and then convert the contone CMYKs to RGB and then create your profile.

This is quite a complicated area and you would have to investigate it yourself. There is lots of stuff in the literature and the internet about descreening.

just go to http://www.google.com and do a search for descreening

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