2002.02.01 18:09 "Contrib Win95", by Siddhartha

2002.02.01 21:41 "Re: Contrib Win95", by Jason Summers

I downloaded Libtiff and i compiled it successfully under both DJGPP and VC++ 6.0

In Contrib\Win95 directory there is a file Tiff2dib.c, i tried to compile it with DJGPP

gcc -i tiff2dib.exe tiff2dib.c -ltiff

And got some errors, i noticed there are some undefined struture references such as BITMAPHEADERINFO etc.

Anybody had luck compiling this file, please help me where can i find the header file which is apparently missing.

My experience is that the tiff2dib.c utility included with libtiff is quite broken. If I recall correctly, it has several bugs and even calculates the number of bytes per pixel wrong, so that it couldn't possibly work as-is except perhaps for images with exactly 8 bits per pixel. (I could be wrong though.)

BITMAPINFOHEADER (not BITMAPHEADERINFO) is a standard structure in Windows programming -


I don't know enough about DJGPP to tell you what you'd need to do. In VC++ 6.0, it should be available if you include <windows.h>.

Jason Summers