2021.04.14 16:48 "[Tiff] 4.3.0 release ?", by Even Rouault

2021.04.14 22:12 "Re: [Tiff] 4.3.0 release ?", by Miguel Medalha

Is that line in ' tif_jpeg_12.c ' really necessary? The header and library for 12-bit jpeg are correctly found by specifying their locations on the cmake command line.

yes, it is. Otherwise you're likely going to use symbols of the 8-bit libjpeg. It might build fine, but at runtime, you won't be able to read 12-bit jpeg compressed files.

Looks like the only way to have this working is to modify this in 'tif_config.h'

#define LIBJPEG_12_PATH C:/build/include/jpeg12/jpeglib.h


#define LIBJPEG_12_PATH "C:/build/include/jpeg12/jpeglib.h"

Note the absence of quotation marks in the original version.

This is consistent with the first error message, which goes like this:

error C2006: '#include': expected "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>

As soon as the quotation marks are inserted, the errors disappear.