2004.12.04 18:36 "[Tiff] Exit code on tiffcp", by Michele Petrazzo

2004.12.06 13:27 "Re: [Tiff] Exit code on tiffcp", by Michele Petrazzo

I try to convert a tiff file from none compression to g3:1d with tiffcp, but the exit code is 9. I have seen the source, but I don't find what it means and where are the "exit(-9)" command.

The exact command is:

tiffcp -i -c g3:1d -f lsb2msb -r 999 a.tif b.tif

Can you help me?

I have tifflib 3.5.7

I happen to remember that 3.5.7 (which is very old now) had a bug in which tiffcp didn't return with any specific exit status, thus often causing a non-zero exit status when everything was fine. This problem is fixed in newer versions.

Thanks, but I must use 3.5.7 because I'm working with hylafax. It use 3.5.7 by default because with 3.6.1 it has a problems. See:


I try to use libtiff 3.7.x and it's all ok.

I send a request to hylafax developers to upgrade to libtiff 3.7.x. I hope they hear me :)

Michele Petrazzo