2021.09.28 13:49 "[Tiff] Proposal to create a OGC BigTIFF standard", by Even Rouault

2021.09.28 22:19 "Re: [Tiff] Proposal to create a OGC BigTIFF standard", by Kemp Watson

Hi Joris... I'm glad I asked for corrections if needed!

I do not have any particular angle, but I do think that the casualness that this was perhaps initially approached with has allowed us all some rather distinct perspectives.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoints; they are certainly every bit as valid as my own, and I am sure there are other perspectives also. This is a general issue with BigTIFF as it stands.

I'm not sure why you say I'm not making sense re sub-IFD's; I do not recall mentioning them in this context at all; they are not directly related to BigTIFF itself, nor indeed necessarily related to multiresolution imaging at all, although they are certainly one option to express this kind of data configuration.

Perhaps the relevant issue to solve is: who is responsible for BigTIFF? I have no satisfactory answer for this.