2004.12.13 18:39 "[Tiff] version 3.7.1", by Bill Bither

2004.12.14 20:37 "Re: [Tiff] version 3.7.1", by Andrey Kiselev

Due to our release schedule, can you let me know the plan for the 3.7.1 release? I posted a message a couple weeks ago that seemed to indicate it would be available this week. We have to either pull the latest CVS, or wait for the official release, then apply our modifications. An update on that progress would be appreciated. We currently are in production with 3.6.1 which has a few bugs that are fixed (and I hope no new ones!). ;)

There are several recently reported issues which are considered serious by me (look at the bugs 687 and 704). I want to fix them first. As soon as these bugs will be fixed the new version will be released (this year, I'm promising!). But you can always use CVS snapshot in your builds. It is much better than 3.6.1.


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