2021.09.28 13:49 "[Tiff] Proposal to create a OGC BigTIFF standard", by Even Rouault

2021.10.05 13:37 "Re: [Tiff] [GeoTIFF.swg] Proposal to create a OGC BigTIFF standard", by Bob Friesenhahn

BigTIFF.org is out of date, unmaintained, and Leica won't update it or give it up. LibTIFF.org is similarly out of date and unmaintained, and there are THREE other "official" libtiff home pages. What a mess, in every way.

The master for the three "official" libtiff home pages (including the BigTIFF specification offered by them) is the libtiff git repository at GitLab.

It is not necessary for there to be three "official" libtiff home pages. This is a reflection of the fact that libtiff has outlasted its hosting providers a few times already and the list of active developers has dramatically changed as well.

There is little doubt that the non-Adobe "TIFF" and libtiff web presence could be improved, but its current state is actually as good as it has ever been.


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