2021.10.08 14:18 "[Tiff] DB Database SQLite", by Bob Clapperton


First I must apologise for any confusion caused as I sent an email before signing up but have done so now.

I am sending this in the hope that someone can help me with a problem I have concerning DB Browser. I have been using an older version and just recently I have noticed some aircraft were missing detail. The hex code was there but the other columns were " nul "

At 72 years old and not at all computer savvy so the problem was most certainly at my end and not yours, so I decided ( wrongly lol ) as it turned out to remove the older version and install a more up to date one. This where the problem now is. I cannot open DB Browser at all and just get the following. " The Procedure Entry Point CompareStringEx could not be located in the Dynamic Link Library KERNEL32.dll. So if any of your many members have any clue as to how to fix this, it would be very much appreciated.

Thanking you in hope,

Bob Clapperton.