1999.10.15 17:25 "Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Jim Crozier

1999.10.19 08:54 "Re: Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Frank D. Cringle

Does anyone know of what tiff viewers may be available for free?

The requirements are particularly for: Multi page, G4 encoded Tiff files.

The Windows and Linux platforms seem to have several options, but the public is beating me up about having to buy special software to view public records.

I'm not sure whether you are looking for programs for Windows and Linux (because the public does not like what is available), or whether you are looking for programs for platforms other than Windows and Linux (because those two are already covered by the available options). Anyway, viewfax displays multipage G4 tiffs on any unix platform running an X-server, including Linux. There is also KFax, which is part of KDE and uses the viewfax display engine. That runs on Linux and other unixes.

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