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October 1999

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1999.10.30 21:37 "List of Tag Names", by W Noach Chi
1999.10.31 21:47 "Re: List of Tag Names", by Niles Ritter
1999.11.01 22:38 "Re: List of Tag Names", by Martin Bailey

1999.10.31 21:47 "Re: List of Tag Names", by Niles Ritter

"W. Noach Chi" wrote:

> Hello all,
> Other than Adobe's TIFF 6.0 spec, Adobe's PageMaker 6.0 Tiff Tech Notes, and
> the Draft TIFF tech note #2 for Tag # 347 (what was tech note #1 anyway?),
> is there an URL for a published source of other Tag names and
> criteria/structure?  Does Adobe keep such a site for their other products?
> For example, is Tag # 34377 only found in Adobe Photoshop TIFF files?

As far as anyone can tell, Adobe still maintains the registry of the private
but has never made any information of who owns what public. It has always
been the assumption that if an organization wanted to make usage of their
tags public, they would take the initiative.  This has happened several times,
including the tags used in implementing GeoTIFF, but to my knowledge the
only defacto repository of such information is the libtiff "tiffio.h" header