2002.04.24 20:23 "Opening a specific page of a multi-page TIFF", by Gary Weimer

2002.04.25 20:14 "Re: Opening a specific page of a multi-page TIFF", by Robert S. Kissel

Has anyone done anything involving opening a TIFF file on a pre-specified page? I'm involved with a project that may require sending a link to a single page via email.

As far as I know, you have the following choices:

  1. Extract the desired page and make a fresh TIFF file out of that;
  2. Hop through the linked IFD offsets, find the one you want, and copy that into the offset right after the file signature at the beginning (this will make the pages BEFORE the desired on inaccessible), but might be a little less trouble, depending on what you're doing.

Other than that, opening a TIFF file to a particular page is entirely within the province of the software used to examine the TIFF file. You cannot do anything to the TIFF file itself to create, say, a "start here" location.

Of course, there ARE private-use tags you can stick in to do stuff like that, providing, of course, you are using a dedicated TIFF-display program which knows how to read them.

Perhaps if you told the list more about what you want to accomplish, someone can suggest something more helpful.