1999.10.18 15:18 "libtiff on Mac OS X Server", by Chris Hanson

Here are the changes needed to config.guess to make the version of libtiff in CVS build on Mac OS X Server.

>     *:Rhapsody:*:*)
>       echo powerpc-apple-rhapsody
>       exit 0 ;;

I also had to comment out MACHDEPLIBS in the root configure script, because Mac OS X Server doesn't have -lm (the math libraries are in /System/Library/Frameworks/System.framework, which is linked against everything by default). I'm unsure of what a real fix for this would be.

Could both of these be fixed by using a later version of autoconf to generate the configure script and guess files etc.? (I'm not entirely sure how configure scripts happen, so pardon me if I'm showing some ignorance here...)

-- Chris