2002.03.22 14:28 "TIFF image tiles from the UK Ordnance Survey Errors out.", by Roger Bedell

2002.03.25 20:13 "UK Ordnance Survey Maps were fixed in 1999", by Roger Bedell

Here is a message I just received from my customer with the problems with the Ordnance Survey maps. Apparently this has already been fixed. Thanks for all the help we received with this problem, you are the best!

Hi Roger

I had a reply from the OS. They say that their data has correct RowsPerStrip values. I've looked at a couple of our archived CDs and I've found some data from 1998 and 1997 which is invalid, but some 1999 and 2000 data is correct and does open in SylvanMaps. So, maybe they fixed this a while back. I think the data is licensed annually but the OS don't send out new CDs every year, so some people might still have old data. But I'm trying to find out whether the OS would give them a free replacement if they did. (We'd been sent TQ06.tif again 2000 but I guess everyone assumed it was the same as the previous one)

The good news is I think this probably means we don't need to do anything to your code or ours!

Suppose you could post this on the libtiff list for the public good



Roger Bedell, President, Sylvan Ascent Inc.