2008.11.01 07:10 "[Tiff] example of (standalone) TIFFRegisterCODEC", by Brad Hards

2008.11.14 16:18 "Re: [Tiff] example of (standalone) TIFFRegisterCODEC", by Frank Warmerdam

On Saturday 01 November 2008 06:10:54 pm Brad Hards wrote:

I'm having a bit of trouble finding an example of how to use TIFFRegisterCODEC() by an application / external library.

Can anyone provide example code, or suggestions of where to look?

I'm still a bit concerned about how it is meant to work.

If I understand it correctly, the codec initialisation routine needs to work with the struct TIFF (e.g. setting function pointers for decoding) but that can't work without tiffiop.h, which isn't installed.

Am I meant to copy parts of that structure?


I suspect this means that it is practically impossible to provide new compression codecs without using the private include files. Essentially, the CODEC management stuff is not properly abstracted to be available to normal applications.

I believe you will just need to manually install tiffiop.h and any other include files you need. It will mean that any application registering custom codecs will not be able to use "standard" libtiff sdk packages on things like linux which lack the tiffiop.h include file.

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