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October 1999

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1999.10.29 10:16 "", by Jose Marin Armenteros


        I'd like know, how can I get the 3 fields "BITSPERSAMPLE" asociated
        to the 3 plans (R , G, B) for an image of RGB format (photometric =
        2) and which it has the field "BITSPERSAMPLE" for R plan not equal
        to G plan, not equal to B plan. I have tried this:

     TIFFGetField(tif, TIFFTAG_BITSPERSAMPLE, &bpsR, &bpsG, &bpsB)

   But it return a value for G plan and B plan no correct.

        It's possible what I Want?. Or an image always has the
        bistpersamples equal for all the 3 plans.

        Excuse me for my English....
        Write me soon.....