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October 1999

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1999.10.15 01:10 "TIFF download", by John Foster
1999.10.15 03:41 "Re: TIFF download", by Frank Warmerdam
1999.10.15 13:32 "Re: TIFF download", by Bruce Cameron
1999.10.15 04:58 "Re: TIFF download", by Gus Baldauf

1999.10.15 03:41 "Re: TIFF download", by Frank Warmerdam

John Foster wrote:
> Hi
> I have tried downloading 3.5.2 from the address
>, but this creates the file
> tiff-v3_5_2_tar.tar, and WinZip reports an error in byte 0 when trying
> to read it.
> Can someone help please.


You can grab:

I believe the problem you are encountering is a common one with Netscape, and
perhaps some other browsers, on Windows.  It is doing CR/LF translation on
the binary file as it is doing an http download.  This shouldn't be a problem
with ftp downloads. 

It is my intention that at some point in the future, all the
downloads will be available off the ftp server. 

Best regards,

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