2001.05.15 21:38 "finding the offset of a tag", by Jordan Woerndle

2001.05.16 13:18 "Re: finding the offset of a tag", by Ken Murchison

Is there a way to find the offset of a particular flag in a tiff directory?

I have a tag that gives the offset to an additional tiff directory that contains private tags. I assume if I add the current offset of the tag to the value I pull out of the tag (ususally 374) I can pass that into TIFFSetSubDirectory and then read in the values of those tags.

All offsets *should* be relative to the start of the file. If tag 374 is written correctly, you should be able to take its value and feed it directly into TIFFSetSubDirectory(). This works for me with files produced by Kodak digital cameras.


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