2002.02.06 21:10 "Group4Fax -> JBIG2; JBIG2 compression in TIFF", by Robert S. Kissel

2002.02.06 22:07 "Re: Group4Fax -> JBIG2; JBIG2 compression in TIFF", by Leonard Rosenthol

I will soon need to convert multi-page TIFFs (using Group 4 Fax compression) to JBIG2 compression, and wonder if any of you know of a pleasant little tool that comes close--one that runs nicely from a command-line, and doesn't perform movies and play music and otherwise act like a pinball machine? C source, freeware preferred, of course, but a commercial program isn't out of the question if it's of good quality, and sensible.

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