2001.05.15 20:32 "Tiff Printing programs.", by Kevin Paulson

2001.05.15 22:31 "Tiff Printing programs.", by Nenad Rijavec

IBM makes high speed printers (we compete with Xerox and OCE in many markets). We support TIFF as input format to our print servers and a lot of our customers use TIFF as one of their main datastreams. The rip speed depends of course on the type of the data that is present in TIFF, but we have been known to process and print G4-compressed TIFF data in excess of 450 pages per minute. Our fastest black and white printers run at over 1000ppm, while our color printers top out at some 130ppm.

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Nenad Rijavec
IBM Printing Systems
Boulder, CO