2008.12.15 13:30 "[Tiff] tags for soilteq maps", by Jachym Cepicky


i happend, that I needed some additional tags in libtiff, which should be used in so called Ag-Chem TIFF (proprietary TIFF tags used by SoilTeq).

I prepared patch for libtiff, which enables this tags. The question is, if there is demand, to put it to standard libtiff distribution

Tags do start at 65000 and they are about 100, example:

$ tiffinfo DS7701.tif
  MinSpreadRate: 90.275000
  MaxSpreadRate: 115.000000
  MapArea: 42.379200
  PixelLength: 12.000000
  MinBrLatitude: 0.864451
  MinBrLongitude: 0.298710
  MinBrX: 0
  MinBrY: 0
  ProductUnits: 0
  FileName: DS7701.TIF
  Creator: MDT 3, 7, 2, 1920
  VendorName: AGCO Global Technologies
  DealerName: MJM Litovel a.s.
  DealerLocation: MJM Litovel a.s.
  FarmerName: 1 1
  FarmName: Namest_AMO
  FieldName: 7701/1


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