2001.11.20 09:48 "How to display *tiled* RGB TIFFs?", by Ben Fischer

2001.11.20 11:01 "Re: How to display *tiled* RGB TIFFs?", by Bruno Ledoux

Hi Ben,

TIFF library fully supports Tiled TIFFs in any of the pixels flavors, we have been using it for years with this kind of images without any problems. Concerning your problem I think it is simply a coding problem whichj causes a buffer overflow (see my comments below),



I have a problem with displaying RGB(A) images that are tiled. First of all: Is the TIFFReadTile command correctly able to read tiled RGB images?


8 bit Grayscale images are no problem, but the tiles get messed up when I try to display RGB images.

I use this to read the tiles:

tdata_t buffer = _TIFFmalloc( TIFFTileSize( mpData->mpTiffFile ) );
if ( NULL == buffer )
        return false;

uint32 pixels_tile = mpData->mTileWidth * mpData->mTileHeight;

Shouldn't you multiply by the number of chanels (3-> RGB / 4->RGBA) too? You should handle the case of 16bits images too if you are likely to open 3rd parts tiled images.