2002.04.29 05:40 "Software: Tiff2Pdf, Pdf being Searchable text", by Subhajyoti Banerjee

2002.04.29 17:40 "Re: Software: Tiff2Pdf, Pdf being Searchable text", by Leonard Rosenthol

My query is there any software, which converts tiff2pdf? & the pdf text being searchable. Software mentioned in the list e.g. http://www.fastio.com/tiff2pdf.html converts tiff2pdf but the pdf being image (which doesn’t solve my problem as I want live text in the pdf - for searchable purpose).

If you need to also do the OCR phase (in order to get the text from the original image), you should look at OCR engines such as those from Adobe (Acrobat Capture), Abbyy (FineReader) or OmniSoft/ScanSoft.


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