2002.11.11 11:47 "Decompression: tileContigRoutine and tileSeparateRoutine", by J?rg Grether


I am using libtiff v3.5.7 in delphi 5 to read and write tiff files. The problem is that I need to implement an own conversion routine to make the image information compilant with my application. I've read in the documentation that there is a function TIFFRGBAImageBegin whose parameters give me the option to implement own routines named tileContigRoutine and tileSeparateRoutine to modify the decompressed data. I want to use this option like it was done in the example tiffgt.

For this reason I need to know what the individual parameters of the tileContigRoutine and tileSeparateRoutine are concret and which values I've should expect.

Another help for me would be if anybody could send me the tiffgt example or can name me a link were I can download it.